My name is Magda Lassota, I am a professional photographer, traveller and translator.
In 2008 I graduated from the University of Wroclaw, where I was studying Dutch Philology. Straight away I started professional career as a translator in Dutch and English.
I always loved travelling; spending all free time visiting new places all over the world. And so in 2014 I decided to quit my job and spend half a year travelling in the Caribbean and South America. It was then when I started to photograph the world around me. During that trip I was writing a blog (together with my partner), where I posted the pictures (www.obytakdalejwordpress.com, only in Polish).
Influenced by these experiences, I joined the Warsaw School of Photography in 2016 to refine my photographic skills and knowledge.
I am mainly interested in expressive photography. I photograph nature being inspired by Minor White, Paul Caponigro, Ansel Adams. My professional work involves l business and image photo-shoots. One of my photo stories appeared in a well known and broadly read polish newspaper, Wprost.